Transfers Important Information

Main Shuttles, fixed departures

Every day Traventuria operates 4 regular Shuttles between Sofia Airport and Bansko Area.
The everyday Shuttles are with fixed departure times and will not wait for any passengers, delayed luggage or similar.
Everyday Shuttles are very similar to regular bus lines, but unlike them, with our everyday Shuttles customers may add drop off at hotels, may add child seats, may have bus tracking and many additional benefits of a smaller vehicle travelling.

Here’s the everyday Shuttles (from Sofia Airport to Bansko) timetable:

Period Departure Sofia Terminal 2 Terminal 1 Arrival Bansko
Daily until 02APR 2023 11:30 11:35 ~14:15
Daily until 16APR 2023 14:00 14:10 ~17:00
Daily until 02APR 2023 18:00 18:10 ~20:45
Daily until 26MAR 2023 22:30 22:35 ~01:15+1


And here’s the everyday Shuttles (from Bansko to Sofia Airport) timetable:

Period Departure Bansko Bus Station/or Hotel Bansko Traventuria Office (by the Gondola) Arrival Sofia Airport
Daily until 26MAR 2023 01:15 01:13 ~03:30
Daily until 02APR 2023 07:00 06:55 ~09:45
Daily until 16APR 2023 09:30 09:25 ~12:45
Daily until 02APR 2023 14:45 14:40 ~17:30


Additional departure times from Sofia Airport

Traventuria has a special service called Semi Private transfer services. The Semi Private transfer services (like the Shuttles services) have fixed departure times and (like a private transfer service) are a private taxi (van) for your group.
People that have chosen the Semi Private transfer services benefit from flight monitoring. We will always wait for their luggage and wait at least 2 hours of flight delay.
However, in order to keep their travel costs down, people that have chosen the Semi Private transfer services, have agreed that other passengers from earlier flights may join with their transfer, thus this type of transfer is called – Semi Private.

Here is why all the other departure times that you see on our website (Different from 11:30, 14:00, 18:00 and 22:30) are so called Semi Shuttles. The time you will usually see for these Semi Shuttles is the earliest departure time possible. But keep in mind that this time may be delayed (usually no more than 55 minutes) due to the passengers from the Semi Private service being late (as a result of their flight or luggage delays).
Since we are somewhat limited by the capabilities of our booking system to show this information during the booking process, in case those conditions are not OK with you, you can cancel your reservation free of charge or board another shuttle service that departs in a more suitable time for you (*subject to availability).


Period Departure Sofia Terminal 2 Terminal 1 Arrival Bansko
Year around HH:MM* 5 minutes after HH:MM ~2h45min after departure
*Earliest departure possible