Book online Bansko lift passes, ski & snowboard packs!

bansko ski & snowboard packs

Book online Bansko lift passes, ski & snowboard packs!


Although times have become uncertain, booking in advance may save you a lot of money and be the first and most important step towards an enjoyable and hassle-free skiing holiday in Bansko. In this article we will focus on how booking your ski and snowboard packs with Ski & Board Traventuria ( makes difference compared to doing so with other travel agents, or on spot in Bansko.

> Booking a package saves you a lot of money as compared to booking each service separately. For some packages the price difference may reach 60%. And these are not available for purchase on spot, but in advance only.
> Do not waste time checking with different suppliers on spot (who may have also ran out of stock in peak season!). 30min for advance research on who to book with (checking customers reviews on the Internet or asking friends who have previously been there) will certainly pay you off.

> Because our rates for prepaid packages are lower than the combined price of the separate services you would pay on spot.
> Because we offer the biggest variety of ski & snowboard packs for Bansko on the market! In terms of duration, inclusions and type of equipment.
> Because we are licensed, fully bonded tour operator who, as an addition, has license for transportation services. This combination makes us unique on the market!
> Because we have an outstanding reputation, backed up by Certificates of Excellence issued annually by TripAdvisor, which are based on hundreds of glorious customers reviews about our services.
> Because you can get fitted the previous day (and also collect your lift passes then), which is crucial in peak season when the Gondola queue becomes a real issue (a dedicated article about how to survive the Gondola queue in Bansko you can read HERE). Mind that equipment fitting in advance is not possible if you book with a travel agent, who offers the ski equipment of Ulen. This means that you will be unable to attend the morning lessons on your first skiing day in busy season.
> Because unlike many of our competitors, who are just reselling the services of Ulen (the company, who operates the skiing infrastructure in Bansko, and also have their own ski depot and ski school), we have our own ski shop in Bansko, which is only 160m from the Gondola lift station. A state-of-the-art ski shop with no alternatives in Bansko when it comes to diversity and in-house infrastructure.
> Because there are more than 1500 sets of skis and snowboards in our ski shop from various brands. Quality for all levels and wallets!
> Because our equipment for hire is not older than 2 years (1/3 of it is renewed with brand new each year!), serviced and disinfected after each rent, and is in top condition! Many of the local ski shops offer second hand 5-7-year old skis and snowboards bought for pennies from Austrian/Italian ski resorts, and which have never been serviced. Mind your own safety before jumping with the cheapest on the street!
> Because we have an excellent ski tuning center (incl. professional ski robot, which is unique for Bansko, and helps to grant our customers with superior experience on the slopes; details HERE).
> Because we offer discounted transfers when booked along with ski/snowboard packs on our website
> Because we run special early bird offers for our loyal customers, which are great deals! And not the least we are quite flexible and offer competitive offers for larger groups.
> Because our ski shop is unique in offering ski storage and safety lockers, with built-in drying and ventilation system (those who book ski equipment with Ulen (or another travel agent, using the services of Ulen) should note that you won’t be able to leave your ski/snowboard boots overnight in their ski depot).
> Because we offer ski clothes for rent (a real deal for those, who are still uncertain if the winter sports will like them or not, and thus are not ready to pay a fortune for new clothes).
> Because dealing with one supplier is easier than dealing with multiple suppliers of each separate service.


>> 360° VIRTUAL TOUR of Ski & Board Traventuria (Bansko) ski shop and service center HERE


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