Après ski activities in Bansko: ski-doo, snowshoeing and more.

winter activities in bansko

Après ski activities in Bansko: ski-doo, snowshoeing and more.


Although the meaning of “Après ski” (from French) is “after ski”, which is normally considered the social activity following a day’s skiing, some of the ideas below will need more time to be materialized. But we dare to say that they totally worth the time, which you would otherwise spend on the slopes skiing or snowboarding. Because in the general case by “Après ski” people understand the migration towards pubs and bars before or after dinner, we have excluded the popular pub crawls from the list below as we are sure you can do that on your own and without logistical support.


Take an unforgettable adventure through the forest with experienced ski doo guides and the newest snowmobiles the area has to offer. The track doesn’t cross any slopes and is the only one that doesn’t pass through protected areas in the Pirin National Park. Your exciting experience can start any time of the day – either from our ski shop (Ski & Board Traventuria), or from your accommodation. А 30-40 minute drive will take you to the starting point, where the instructor will be waiting for you. The event lasts for an hour (5-10 minutes safety instructions are included in that time). Customers are driving the snowmobile on a track following an instructor, who is looking after the safety of the participants in the event. The use of helmet and goggles is obligatory. After your ski-doo safari, you will be transferred back to Bansko. Only customers over 16 years old are allowed to drive the snowmobile. Children between 12 and 16 years old are riding the snowmobiles behind an adult or an instructor. Normally this activity is booked for the light part of the day.
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snowshoeing around banskoSNOWSHOEING

Explore the beauty of nature amidst the magic of winter. Experience the serenity of the spectacular winter backcountry in Pirin National Park. Even if you have not tried before, this tour will introduce you to snowshoeing – enjoyable activity that anyone who can walk will quickly master. We run a few options, ranging from a full day, to a week (or more upon request). The daily treks around Bansko are of different difficulty and upon pick up you can decide together with your guide which would be best for you (considering also the current snow cover, avalanche threat etc.). Of course snowshoes and poles will be provided by us.
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horseriding around banskoHORSERIDING

Dashing through the snow on a horse? Have you ever tried this before? It’s a wonderful experience not to be missed. You will get the opportunity to know the beautiful nature of Pirin on the back of one of the most beautiful creations – the horse. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, this tour is perfect for you. For beginners, you’ll learn the basics of horse riding and ride in a closed field. If you are more experienced at horse riding, you can explore the countryside with your instructor. The horseriding experience can be fitted in the afternoon hours, so you can easily ski till noon. And by default it includes transfers there and back from Bansko to the horse base.
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bansko folklore eveningFOLKLORE EVENING

What’s visiting a country without getting to know its culture? Bansko is usually connected with skiing and winter sports but the town and the region itself have a really rich history, full of legendary hero stories, dances, music, and sayings that saved the people from losing their roots during the nearly 500 years of the Ottoman empire at our land. People, that get to know it, fell in love with it and always come back for morе. Deshka’s house in the village of Gorno Draglishte is a unique place, where just for a night you will get to: taste some traditional regional dishes; see the interesting Bulgarian costumes; hear the unique dialect, specific for the region, and different stories, told by smiling and friendly local babi (this is how we call our grandmother and all the older women); learn the steps for the traditional Bulgarian dance “horo” – holding each other’s hands, dancing in the sounds of traditional music. And yes, there is no place in Bansko you can get the same experience. The women cook with so much love and passion so you will get the closest to the original taste of each dish you try. The activity is normally carried out in the evening, thus not affecting your daily skiing plans.
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ril amonastery tour from banskoTOUR TO RILA MONASTERY (UNESCO) 

The Rila Monastery is one of Bulgaria’s symbols and a popular tourist destination. It’s included in the List of World Heritage of UNESCO. As one of the leading providers of cultural tours from Sofia with more than 10 years of experience, Traventuria has brought thousands of tourists to visit this place and all of them remain amazed by the beauty of this place. We couldn’t resist showing you the Monastery – it’s a place worth visiting. You can still enjoy skiing in the morning and then go to this place you surely won’t forget! Meet your driver in Bansko and board the air-conditioned vehicle to travel to Rila Monastery. Relax during the 1.30hrs drive as you admire the beautiful Bulgarian landscape. Arrival at the monastery at approximately 15:00 gives you plenty of time to explore the complex inside and out. Admire its balconies and discover unique frescoes by one of the most famous painters of the Bulgarian National Revival period. See gilded iconostasis and enjoy the fabulous mountain views. Stop at one of the two restaurants in the complex to have something to eat or drink. Take the opportunity to discover more at the museum, or purchase souvenir icons and other items in the nearby shops. At the end of the tour, your driver will drop you off at your accommodation in Bansko.
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thermal pool escape from banskoTHERMAL POOL ESCAPE

One of our favorite après-ski activities is definitely taking a warm, relaxing mineral bath after a long day of skiing. In the area around Bansko there are many naturally occurring hot springs that have spa centers built next to them. The sad part is that no hot springs can be found in Bansko itself. But within just a few kilometers, in the neighboring villages, there is an abundance. We have written a dedicated blog post about the most famous places in the area (details HERE). We offer an evening service to one of these complexes, which is just 15min drive from Bansko. We are certain that once you’ve tried it, you will repeat it on the very next evening.
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ice skating banskoICE RINK

Located in immediate proximity to the bottom Gondola station, this place is a nice choice for kids and adults alike. No need to prebook. Just show up at the cash desk and enter at your convenience.



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